Mediterranean Palette

10/4/13 10:07 AM


The colors in our line have been insipired directly from the colors found naturally in Greece. We've tried to capture the essence of the natural Greek beauty, and develop a line of Cosmetics that deliver this feeling. These colors have been carefully perfected to look beautiful on every women.

Our Mediterranean Palette has colors from the water, sand and mountains meticulously placed together to achieve a look that is both natural and wearable for day or night.

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Lipsi Comes To France

8/12/13 8:17 AM


We've brought our USA best selling Aphrodite Powder to France, exclusively with Birchbox

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Step One- Brush the brows upwards to tame any strays.


Step Two- Using an angled brush and the color Voyaged eyeshadow, start filling them in. You'll want to place the color on the bottom of the brow then pull the color upward.


Step Three- Blend the color to accentuate the natural shape of your eyebrows. Finish off with some Alluring Lash Mascara and Shadow on your eyes, and your look will pull together perfectly!

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End of Summer Look

8/10/13 7:31 AM

Blue Eyeshadow


Using the Mediteranean Palette I created a look that is perfect for the end of summer going into fall. The lipstick in the color of "Under Oath" gives the look a deeper feel.


In "Step One" I put the bottom left copper color on my entire lid and the bottom right dark taupe color on my crease. I suggest using these colors heavily, as to make the blue color really pop later on.


In "Step Two" I take the top left champagne color and place it on the inner corners of my eye and right under the arch of my brow. This will brighten up the eye and make your eyebrows look higher, giving you an instant facelift.


In "Step Three" I use the beautiful Mediterranean blue right underneath my eye. This is a fun yet sophisticated way to play with color.


"Step Four" is the beautiful finished product. I added Alluring Lash

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